Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Charity Shop Chic

For our recent assignment at University we were split into groups and allocated a charity shop in Aberdeen from the shop we had to create an outfit using just £10 and this will be then shown as an exhibition alongside the other groups outfits. My group were selected to uses the Cancer Research stores, there are three in Aberdeen which allowed us to have far more choice in clothing. Using our £10 we purchased the white blouse shown in the photos for £4, it is a size 22 and we decided to model and show it as a dress. The group also bought a small bag shown again in the photos for just £2 and today we revisited the charity shop and bought a scarf for £4 to complete the outfit.

We dressed our blouse for different looks and occasions to emphasise that you can wear things in so many different ways, show about is our festival look. We teamed the blouse and bag with  a pair of wellies, hat and sunglasses for a laid back approach.

Here we simply added heels and a black blazer which are both basic items but totally change the look.

I will post some new photos later in the week of the other styles and looks.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sunny Days

Over the past few weeks Scotland has had some lovely days of sunshine which is rather strange for this time of year as usually it would be snowing. Despite the fact that I have far too much work to do for University I have been making the most of the lovely days. Here are a few photos from a recent trip to one of my favorite parks in Aberdeen.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Paper Dress

During this semester at University we are studying fashion construction and technology which involves looking at fabrics, garment patterns, stitching etc. As a way to get us to see how difficult it can be to work with certain materials our lecture had us make dresses from paper. It was a really interesting task, we had an hour to make our dresses and were in groups of three and four.

It was a difficult task, firstly deciding on a design took some time, I'm not the biggest fan of fringing but I feel that it turned out well on our dress. Trying to fit the paper to the mannequin without it ripping also proved to be challenging. 

Once we had finished our designs the group then had to chose a celebrity to wear our dress. Our celebrity for our dress was Halle Berry as we believe it was similar to outfits she has previously worn. The dresses will be on display for a few weeks and then we will be designing new ones from materials such as wool, silk and cotton again to let us see what the materials are like to work with.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Good Catch Up

It has been a while now since I last posted so I thought while I had some time I would fill you in on whats been going on in my life. I have now started back at University and I must say the early mornings are not going down well at all. I have already missed a few lectures from sleeping in and purely being too tired to actually get out of bed. My work is already mounting up with the deadlines getting closer but I will do my best to post as often as possible.

Two weekends ago I decided to squeeze in a weekend visit home to see all my friends before work for University became to hectic as I mentioned in my last post. It was so great to see everyone after such a long time, we ordered take out and had a good catch up over too many bottles of wine. I thought I would share a couple of my favortie photos from the evening out of the myself and one of my close friends Emily took.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Down On The Farm

I decided to go home for the weekend and visit all my friends while I have little work to do at University so here are a couple of photos I took while at home on the farm, it was rather dull and cloudy outside so the best I could do was to photograph one of the calves inside. I know cows are definitely not fashion related like the rest of my blog but my photography is mostly a general mix of everything and I hope that my readers like the photos anyway.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Back to University

After having a lovely time off from university it is unfortunately time to go back, from studying my timetable for this semester I have discovered that this is possibly were the hard work starts not just at university but also for myself. With lots of early mornings and long days I will have to start getting up incredibly early and to be honest I have no idea how I will manage it, lots of cups of coffee will be definitely be needed.

I have spent the past month or so staying at my boyfriends flat but today I packed up my things and moved back into my flat. Its not the nicest place on earth to be but staying in student accommodation in your first year is the best way to make new friends so I have had to learn to live with seven other flat mates, the dirty dishes, unbelievably small rooms and awful decor.

So lets hope that I manage to complete the rest of the year without missing too many morning classes.  

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Monday, 24 January 2011

Black Swan

I have had a rather busy weekend of planning and organising surprises for a friends twenty first birthday, on Friday however I made time to take a trip to the cinema for the release of the Black Swan a ballet thriller by Darren Aronofsky. 

Having always loved going to watch the ballet from a young age it was interesting to see a different way of portraying dance. The film gave a great insight into the ballet world and showed how much competition and determination there is amongst the ballet dancers.

Overall I loved the entire film, it really kept you on edge and made me squirm in places but the part I loved the most from the entire film was the amazing costumes which many of were designed and created by Rodarate. The sisters designed 40 of the costumes seen in the film including the one seen above worn by Natalie Portman. The costumes were exquisite and simply stunning and I would defiantly recommend this film to everyone!

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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Claudia Pink Jewellery

I have a love for massive rings, the bigger the better. I will wear rings with any outfit and I feel they are a great way of making a statement and adding personality to outfits.

This is one of my favourite rings, which is designed by Claudia Pink. I discovered her while I was at the clothes show in Birmingham and instantly fell in love. A stall filled with huge rings and statement jewellery, what more could a girl ask for? I love how big and bold this one is but it still manages to remains very elegant with vintage feel.  All of the rings Claudia Pink designs have a vintage style to them which has been reworked to give them a twist.

For more of Claudia Pinks deisgns visit, http://www.claudiapink.com

Monday, 17 January 2011

Daisy Lowe for Peacocks

I have always loved Daisy Lowe for her great sense of  style and as you would expect I was thrilled to discover today that Daisy Lowe will be designing a swimwear range for high street store Peacocks.

Daisy in recent photo shoot for Indie Magazine
 There is no doubt in my mind that this collection will be  fun, fresh and just as popular as previous collections for the store deisgned by Daisy's mother Pearl.  The collection will be based on 50's swimwear style, the 50's were all about feminine curves and bright prints which I just love. The collection said to be priced at under £18 which is great if your on a budget. 

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Atlanta De Cadenet Taylor

As the daughter of Duran Duran's John Taylor and Amanda De Cadenet its no wonder 18 year old Atlanta has inherited an unique style. Her style is so effortless with a 60's hippy vibe to it and her long perfect hair really adds to the look. She is currently signed to New York Modeling agency DNA. 

Below and above are some images  from the 2010 spring/summer photo shoot in Exit Magazine, despite the fact these photos are quite old now I think they have a noticeable 70's vibe to them which is evident in many of this seasons trends. Denim jumpsuits or dungarees are sure to be popular over the next season with many high street stores stocking them such as Topshop.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Wardrobe Issues

I have finally found time to write another post; having had a pretty busy week of writing reports for my university course I am glad to now have some time of my own until I return to university next month. In total I had three reports to write which were incredibly interesting to research and gather information for but it was a frantic rush to get them finished because as usual I left them to the very last minute. 

 I spent my morning in bed relaxing and reading Lauren Conrad’s Style book which has been very useful to me. It has motivated me to hopefully soon tidy out my wardrobe which is over flowing with clothes that I never wear, of which several items still have the tags on and many others I am simply hanging onto as they have sentimental value. Putting an outfit together often seems like a daunting task and many pieces of clothing are thrown on the floor in an attempt to find what I’m looking for.

My local charity shop sure will have a field day when I eventually drop it all off, that is if I can bear to actually give my clothes away! I know it’s silly but it’s hard not to get attached to a beautiful piece of clothing.

During the afternoon I decided to brave the cold Scottish weather and head to the shops as a treat for myself, over the past few weeks I have managed to refrain from going into any clothing shops in attempt to get my course work done. I bought a few items which will hopefully be worn more than once and not add to the clutter in my closet. 

 I shall be taking some photos of the items in the next couple of days and will be sure to post them.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Blake Lively

After spending the day lazing around eating endless amounts of chocolate and watching too many episodes of gossip girl I thought I would write a little about one of my many idols, Blake Lively

  I just adore her dress sense, she wears such bright and colourful clothing but at the same time it looks effortless and sophisticated. She manages this by keeping her hair and make-up subtle; she never looks like she is trying too hard. 

This photo just shows how Blake can make looking sexy so effortless. She has teamed a casual black shirt with electric blue Isabel Marant Fall 2010 sequined leggings and to finnish the look off a pair of gorgeous Christian Louboutin Fastissima 120 Velour Boots. 

Another look I just love is the black and white Jenny Packham Fall 2010 dress (shown above) which Blake wore in  season 4 of Gossip Girl, which was teamed with Rachel Blue Young Sparkle Pumps.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Olympia Le-Tan

I recently fell in love with these lovely new clutch bags by designer Olympia Le-Tan.

The collection is titled " You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover" and features 16 handbags which are recreations of first edition book covers such as Moby Dick, Lolita (shown above) and The Misfits. Each clutch is handmade with a liberty print lining.

I think these designs are really unique and will sure be a huge hit in the months to come!

Thursday, 6 January 2011


I’m still unsure what to actually blog about, its all still very new to me. Therefore I decided to write a little about myself to get it started.

I am currently in my first year of University studying Fashion Management. A lot of people ask what I would like to do once I have finished at University but right now I have no clue at all, I want to wait and see where life takes me. I have had a love for fashion all my life, from creating outfits for my barbies at a young age to covering my walls with my favourite magazine adverts to constantly buying excessive amounts of clothes and accessories.

Alongside fashion i have a keen interest in photography; I am hardly ever seen without a camera in hand. I enjoy spending my time taking photos and experimenting with my camera. Growing up on a farm in the rural Aberdeenshire allowed me to spend a lot of my spare time outside photographing nature to keep myself amused which is where my interest really started.

Finally one of the most important things to me is my friends, family and not to forget my boyfriend.