Friday, 18 February 2011

Paper Dress

During this semester at University we are studying fashion construction and technology which involves looking at fabrics, garment patterns, stitching etc. As a way to get us to see how difficult it can be to work with certain materials our lecture had us make dresses from paper. It was a really interesting task, we had an hour to make our dresses and were in groups of three and four.

It was a difficult task, firstly deciding on a design took some time, I'm not the biggest fan of fringing but I feel that it turned out well on our dress. Trying to fit the paper to the mannequin without it ripping also proved to be challenging. 

Once we had finished our designs the group then had to chose a celebrity to wear our dress. Our celebrity for our dress was Halle Berry as we believe it was similar to outfits she has previously worn. The dresses will be on display for a few weeks and then we will be designing new ones from materials such as wool, silk and cotton again to let us see what the materials are like to work with.

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  1. Oh... I remember the experiments in school :)) and all the bruises on me from all the weird material we used.