Saturday, 15 January 2011

Wardrobe Issues

I have finally found time to write another post; having had a pretty busy week of writing reports for my university course I am glad to now have some time of my own until I return to university next month. In total I had three reports to write which were incredibly interesting to research and gather information for but it was a frantic rush to get them finished because as usual I left them to the very last minute. 

 I spent my morning in bed relaxing and reading Lauren Conrad’s Style book which has been very useful to me. It has motivated me to hopefully soon tidy out my wardrobe which is over flowing with clothes that I never wear, of which several items still have the tags on and many others I am simply hanging onto as they have sentimental value. Putting an outfit together often seems like a daunting task and many pieces of clothing are thrown on the floor in an attempt to find what I’m looking for.

My local charity shop sure will have a field day when I eventually drop it all off, that is if I can bear to actually give my clothes away! I know it’s silly but it’s hard not to get attached to a beautiful piece of clothing.

During the afternoon I decided to brave the cold Scottish weather and head to the shops as a treat for myself, over the past few weeks I have managed to refrain from going into any clothing shops in attempt to get my course work done. I bought a few items which will hopefully be worn more than once and not add to the clutter in my closet. 

 I shall be taking some photos of the items in the next couple of days and will be sure to post them.

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