Monday, 24 January 2011

Black Swan

I have had a rather busy weekend of planning and organising surprises for a friends twenty first birthday, on Friday however I made time to take a trip to the cinema for the release of the Black Swan a ballet thriller by Darren Aronofsky. 

Having always loved going to watch the ballet from a young age it was interesting to see a different way of portraying dance. The film gave a great insight into the ballet world and showed how much competition and determination there is amongst the ballet dancers.

Overall I loved the entire film, it really kept you on edge and made me squirm in places but the part I loved the most from the entire film was the amazing costumes which many of were designed and created by Rodarate. The sisters designed 40 of the costumes seen in the film including the one seen above worn by Natalie Portman. The costumes were exquisite and simply stunning and I would defiantly recommend this film to everyone!

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