Thursday, 6 January 2011


I’m still unsure what to actually blog about, its all still very new to me. Therefore I decided to write a little about myself to get it started.

I am currently in my first year of University studying Fashion Management. A lot of people ask what I would like to do once I have finished at University but right now I have no clue at all, I want to wait and see where life takes me. I have had a love for fashion all my life, from creating outfits for my barbies at a young age to covering my walls with my favourite magazine adverts to constantly buying excessive amounts of clothes and accessories.

Alongside fashion i have a keen interest in photography; I am hardly ever seen without a camera in hand. I enjoy spending my time taking photos and experimenting with my camera. Growing up on a farm in the rural Aberdeenshire allowed me to spend a lot of my spare time outside photographing nature to keep myself amused which is where my interest really started.

Finally one of the most important things to me is my friends, family and not to forget my boyfriend.

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